In the mid 1980s, women’s shelters in the province of Manitoba began to work together to provide support, reduce the isolation of shelter directors, and stop the competition between shelters for funding dollars. The organization evolved, and was incorporated in 1991 as The Manitoba Association of Women’s Shelters. Membership includes nine provincially funded women’s shelters as well as several affiliate members working on the area of family violence. MAWS was created to provide: support to member shelters; increased negotiating abilities with funders; shared information and resources; increased public awareness, training of staff and improved services for clients.


A Day in the Life of Canada's Shelters

The first pan Canadian annual survey gives us insight into a typical day in the life of women's shelters and transitions houses across the country, bringing us the woices of the women on the front lines.  In one day 242 Shelters in Canada helped 4,178 women and 2,490 children.

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Nature's Bounty - Share the Bounty Fundraiser!

MAWS has been entered into the Nature’s Bounty, Share the Bounty charitable giveaway.  For 10 weeks January 29, 2014 to April 8, 2014 Canadians will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite registered Canadian charities and determine which organizations will receive a portion of the $100,000.00 giveaway.  There are three major prizes available to be won by the charities with the highest number of votes at the end of the voting period.  There are three major categories: Wellness, For the Kids and Animals and Earth.  Grand Prize is $15,000.00 donation, 2nd prize is $10,000.00 donation and 3rd prize is $5,000.00 donation.  There are two weekly winners selected during each of the 10 weeks of voting to receive $500.00 as well.

All we need you to do it go onto the website, . Register and vote for MAWS, last year’s winners were all relatively small charities with very enthusiastic supporters who voted regularly.  You can vote for up to 5 charities every day.





RCMP- for sponsoring the 2012 Breakfast with the Guys


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Our Beliefs
& Goals

We are dedicated to the elimination of violence against women and children through a unified voice.

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Publications and Resources

Find a Colouring/Activity Book for children who are entering shelter. 

Download "Learning Through Our Clients Eyes"

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